Net Present Value (NPV) Calculator

1. Enter the discount rate (as a percentage value).
2. Enter "Cash-In" and "Cash-Out" in the appropriate boxes.
The calculation will be performed automatically as you move from box to box.
You can move from box to box using the tab key, the arrow keys, or by using the mouse.
Clear the calculator by clicking the Clear button.

This calculator may be used to find the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) by iteratively changing the Discount Rate, noting the NPV and driving NPV toward zero. A simple plot may help in the approach to zero. Note that IRR, by definition, is the discount rate where NPV=0.

Discount Rate % Cash Flows
Timing Of
Cash Receipt
Year Cash-In Cash-Out Net
Cash Flow
Cash Flow
Beginning Year 1 0
End Year 1 1
End Year 2 2
End Year 3 3
End Year 4 4
End Year 5 5
End Year 6 6
End Year 7 7
End Year 8 8
End Year 9 9
End Year 10 10
Net Present Value (NPV)


Last Updated: 3-25-00